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Lakeside Nephrology has been in continuous service to the greater Chicago kidney community since its founding in 1972. Over the years, and due to numerous scientific advances, the specialty of nephrology has been in constant flux. As a result, almost every aspect of the practice of nephrology has changed, and all for the better. Nephrologists are now providing dialysis to over 400,000 patients across the United States and dialysis patients are doing better than ever. Kidney transplantation, once risky and rarely performed, has become a common and highly successful operation that is now done at transplant centers every day. Kidney stones are now being prevented with medication, and high blood pressure is being controlled with the most effective medications that we have ever had.

However, even in the light of all of this improvement and change, our mission and our overriding concern for patient care has not changed at all. We are five board certified nephrologists that strive to provide outstanding kidney care at four offices, six outpatient dialysis facilities, and five hospitals across metropolitan Chicago. Each one of us has been repeatedly recognized by our peers for our excellence in both patient care and as medical educators.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality and humanistic care to each and every one of our patients, taking advantage of all modern scientific and clinical advances in kidney treatment. We combine an up to the minute and modern approach to patient care with an abiding respect for individual preference, autonomy and dignity. We consider ourselves to be partners with our patients in their fight against kidney disease, and we strive for the best possible results in each and every patient every day.

Change is inevitable, and fortunately, in the field of nephrology, it’s been for the good. But some things in the practice of medicine should never change, and that is the concern of a caring and conscientious physician for the welfare of an individual patient.

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